About us

Ardal Engineering Co. was established in 1991, at the time we were in cooperation with 3 major companies in Fire protection, SPP Pumps, SILVANI Anticendio PA, Cerberus Guinard.
Later on SILVANI Anticendio Was bought by Kidde Italy and Cerberus Was bought by SIEMENS SBT, Afterward Ardal Engineering Co. was exclusive agent of SIEMENS- Cerberus for 6 years. Currently Our Prominent International Suppliers are:
Professional Fire Safety And Security Solutions
Our staff has been trained and educated by the strongest companies in fire protection business. Design and engineering, Project management, and installation staff are certified by the suppliers. With our professional staff, We provides a broad scope of engineering Services in Design, installation and execution of Fire detection and extinguishing systems, Fire Pumps, surveillance & security. The company has been active for almost 20 years and we are proud of completing over 250 projects in diverse fields such as:
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical
• Metal industry
• Power industry
• Transportation industries
• Commercial and residential buildings
Our Fields Of Activity
• Fire Pumps
• Fire& Gas Detection Systems
o Addressable
o Conventional
• Fire extinguishing
o Gas extinguishing systems (CO2,FM200, Novec1230, IG-01,IG-55,IG-100)
o Automatic Sprinkler Systems (Dry Pipe, Wet Pipe, Pre action, Deluge)
o Automatic Foam Fire suppression systems and cooling rings
o Remote and manually controlled fire monitors (Available Material: Cast Iron, Stainless steel, Bronze, Aluminum alloy)
o Automatic Tunnel Fire protection
• Fire stop materials
o HCA fire stop coating for Steel Structures
o HCA fire stop coating for cables
o Fire Retardant Mortar
o HCA fire stop Coating for Decorative Material (Wood)
• Surveillance and security
o CCTV systems
o Access control systems
o Intrusion detection systems
Our primary objective is to understand the requirements of our clients and to perform quality Service for them in time and competitive prices.
Ardal engineering CO. provides these Services.
• Supply of all equipment and accessories in Fire safety and Surveillance systems.
• Installation and execution of projects.
• Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).
• Management and QC of Installation and execution.
• Training and after Sales Services.
• Scheduled Maintenance and repair
Company Certified By
• TUV: ISO 9001: 2008
• TUV: ISO 14001:2007
• TUV: OHSAS 18001:2002
• Iran’s firefighting

Products Certified And listed By
• UL: Underwriter laboratory
• FM: Factory mutual
• CE: European Community
• VdS: German Safety Certifying Company (***)
• LPCB: Loss Prevention Certificate Board
Regulations And Guidelines Used In Our Company
• NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
• CE – EN: European Union
• ISO: International Standard Organization
• BSI: British Standard Institute
• VdS: Vertrauen durch Sicherheit (Germany Certification Company)