Co2 Fire Suppression System

Ardal Co has been Solution partner of SIEMENS Building Technologies Since 1995, our personnel has been trained for Engineering, Installation, maintenance and repair of the Total Flooding System.
With the reference of so many project done in these years, we have established our own production range of CO2 Total Flooding System and CO2 Local Application Fire Suppression Systems.
We Design and Manufacture the System according to the international standards we make the solution to fit your application, whether on shore or offshore we manufacture the system to fit your needs.
System Design:
System Design is mainly done according to NFPA 12 and VdS regulations. Piping Size and Pressure calculations are performed with VdS Calculation Program Registered to Ardal Co.
The program has been tested and certified by VdS. These calculations will ensure that the system Works properly considering the pressure drops in valves and fittings.

System Parts:
• Automated valves and valve’s Actuators, VdS, LPCB, CE & PED approved
• Electrical Actuators in EX executions for offshore applications.
• High pressure Seamless Cylinders according to European Standard, PED approved
• High pressure Hose and Check valves Suitable for the Maximum Working pressure of the system, CE marked and manufactured according to EC-ISO
• Agent Loss monitoring System in Different Types
• Manifold Manufactured and tested according to European Standard by Ardal Co., and Tested by Authorized laboratories
• Structures are also made by Ardal Co. suitable for the different environment conditions (Normally Hot Deep Galvanized Carbon Steel)
• Directional (POD) valves are procured from European manufacturers with CE marking and are also available in ATEX executions
Main System Parts are manufactured by the European prominent manufacturers and certified and tested by European Certifying companies.

Our System is manufactured tested according to NFPA 12